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We are so excited to announce the winners of our Keaton Row Style Madness Tournament! For the championship round of the tournament, our final four Stylists had to create a neutrals with a pop of color look for Spring. After all of the Stylists’ looks were submitted, we opened the contest up to fan voting on our Facebook page. After tallying up all of the fan votes on Facebook we are thrilled to share our winning Stylists’ and their championship round looks. Not only will the top 3 Stylists be winning $250, $100 & $50 gift cards from Keaton Row, but one lucky voter was also randomly selected to win a $300 Keaton Row shopping spree.

Our first ever Keaton Row Style Madness was such an exciting tournament and we were blown away by all of the looks our participating Stylists created. It certainly was a thrilling and close competition to say the least. Thank you to all who participated! We can’t wait until March of 2015!


Round 4: Create ONE “Neutrals with a Pop of Color” look for Spring!

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1st Place Leslie Melton

Slide1                    Slide1
2nd Place Illysia Neumann Loreck                                                          3rd Place Jenney Cohen

Round 3: Create ONE “Stripe” Look for the Weekend!

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Jenney Cohen     Leslie Melton

 Illysia Neumann-Loreck  

Lauren Finney



Round 2: Create ONE “Polka Dot” Look for the 9-5 work day!

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Slide1                         Slide1

                                                                        Veronica Taylor                   Leslie Melton

                                                                         Jenney Cohen                         Lisa Karst

                                                                            Lisa Sligh                             Hillary Biggs

                                                              Illysia Neumann Loreck             Lauren Finney

Slide1          Slide1


Round 1: Create ONE “Floral Print” Look for Date Night!

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                                                           Veronica Taylor                      Abigail Sterling

                                                               Juli Wilson                            Leslie Melton

                                                            Jenney Cohen                             Lisa Karst

                                                          Ellie Thompson                        Annie Atienza

                                                            Lindsay Smith                          Hillary Biggs

                                                                Lisa Sligh                           Michelle Petreski

                                                   Illysia Neumann-Loreck              Tracey Pisciotta

                                                      Julia Maidenbaum                       Lauren Finney


To celebrate college basketball’s NCAA March Madness tournament, we are thrilled to announce the launch our very own style-off tournament: Keaton Row Style Madness!

We have selected 32 of our top KR Stylists to take part in an exciting and fashionable competition. Having been randomly placed in our Keaton Row Style Madness bracket, participating Stylists will receive style challenges for each round of the tournament from our Style Editor who will then choose her favorite looks. Once we have narrowed the field of 32 Stylists down to 4, we will open the contest to fan voting on Facebook. Keep track of how your favorite Stylists stack up to the competition by checking back here with the conclusion of each round.

Stay tuned for more exciting details to be announced about prizes for Stylists and fans alike! Good luck to our 32 participating Stylists and let the Styling games begin!


**Note numbers next to names are there to help Stylists find their bracket partner, it is not indicative of any current standings**